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Basement Finishing Cost

Interesting information from A local basement finishing firm on the costs.


You have probably heard a few rules of thumb describing basement-finishing costs as a function of square footage “your basement should cost between X and X dollars per square foot” …but how would they know?

A professional estimator will be able to give you a range based on the initial interview by asking more detailed questions on how you want to finish your new space.

For starters, there are basically 2 elements to the construction: rough and finish. There may be a few items that change the cost before construction can even begin.


Learn about what is offered in our rough in services.

There are also 3 levels of finishing based on your budget and needs.

Rough In Cost Considerations
  • Plumbing Rough-in location. Will it be moved? Does it exist?
  • Mechanical System
  • Electrical Service. Is it adequate for your design or will it need to be expanded?
  • Floor Type. Wood sub floor or cement?
  • Egress Window(s). Will you need to expand windows?
  • Framing is 16″ on Center
  • Exterior Work.



Level 1 Basement Finish- Basic Professional Finish

  • Typical Drywall Finish, Including Ceiling
  • Paint Grade Base Trim and Casing
  • Economy Carpet and Vinyl Flooring
  • Simple Lighting and Plumbing Package
  • Stock Base Cabinets in Bath
  • Stock Laminate or Solid Countertops
  • Standard Shower / Tub Kits
  • Free Design Service


Level 2 Basement Finish (higher cost)

  • Typical Drywall Finish, Tray Ceilings, Feature Like Arc Niches, Arches
  • Paint Grade Base Trim and Casing, Basic Wood Molding (Stain Grade)
  • Addition of Crown or Chair Rails
  • Solid Core Doors, Paint and Stain Grade, French Doors
  • Upgrade Carpet and Vinyl Flooring, and Ceramic or Some Stone Tile
  • Upgraded Lighting and Plumbing Package
  • Stock or Semi-custom Base Cabinets in Bath
  • Stock Countertops, and Some Tile and Solid Surface Materials
  • Simple Wet Bar or Fireplace Features
  • Tiled Shower/Tub Surroundings, Acrylic Base or Custom Pan
  • Interior Design Consultation


Level 3 Basement Finish (More Cost)

  • Hand Troweled Drywall Finish, Tray Ceilings, Special Features
  • Stain Grade Base Trim & Casting, Stacked Crown & Multiple Moldings, Elaborate Details
  • Solid Core Stain Grade Doors, Hardwoods, French and Arched Doors
  • High End Carpet, and Flooring Materials (ex. Wood, Engineered Wood)
  • Radiant Flooring
  • Specialty Lighting and Plumbing Package
  • Semi Custom Base Cabinets in Bath/Bar
  • Solid Surface or Exotic Materials (Stainless Steel, Concrete, ect.)
  • Built-in or Custom Cabinetry/Woodwork
  • Fireplace Built-in/Mantles/Surrounds
  • Steam Enclosures
  • Interior Design Consultation


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