Finishing Basements in Older Denver Homes

When you are thinking of finishing a basement in an older home you may want to skip many of the bigger basement finishing firms. They have a tendency to work primarily in the new home communities where about 80% of basement finishing happens in Denver.

So instead of wasting time on the standard Internet searches, there is a company who works on many basements in Denver, and primarily on the older homes.

Go look at the Denver basement finishing on the Blue SkyeBasements and remodeling

Below you will also find a transcript of an interview with the owner about finishing basements in older homes you may find interesting:


n an older home there is just more to do when you finish your basement, such as foundation problems, low ceilings, wiring issues that need to be brought up to code, egress windows need to be installed, lead paint and other inspections.
Surprises in the pricing differences between an older home and a newer home. The cost of finishing a basement in an older home will run up to 30% higher than one in a home built in the last 20-30 years.
Does it financially make sense to finish a basement in an older home, or should you consider a home addition to meet your remodeling goals. The cost of finishing a basement runs $50. a square foot, where the cost of a home addition or pop top can be $200.00 a square foot.
Insulation in older basement spaces needs special consideration. These basements where not built to use as living space, so spray in insulation is a better choice.
Common structural issues are discussed, and the fact that most sound more serious than they are.
It’s typical to need to replace most of the plumbing you see in an older basement. Cracked sewer pipes are not unusually, and may need to be replaced .
Electric may need to be upgraded if you are adding a certain amount of load. This is true in older homes as well as new. There are some new building codes that may increase the cost.
Lead and asbestos tests must be completed in all older homes. If the basement hasn’t been finished there is less chance of finding issues. If there has been any painting prior to the 1980’s there is a good chance you will find lead paint.
David’s father was a home builder and David has been in construction from custom home building to his current company. L & D Construction, where he specializes in residential construction, basement finishing in older Denver homes, as well as major remodeling.


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