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Is Live Chat a Good Tool For Your Site?

We work with lots of different type businesses on Web Managed Services. Live chat as a tool to bring in more customers is one of the most common areas we look at. It’s not just that has a great live chat tool, and they are a client, it’s really that Live chat and other engagement tools are one of the better values a business is going to find in the customer conversion space.

Why?  Because it serves so many purposes!  It can be used as a sales tool, a customer service function, a intra-company communication tool. as well as it gives the customer or prospect a perception that you are a professional business, and care about communication with them.

I’d think the number one reason a business doesn’t utilize lice chat (or other engagement services) is… who’s going to be the person(s) behind the chat, answering questions, and available.  Answer…  who do you send sales information requests to?  That’s the answer.  With today’s

highly adaptable and affordable live chat tools for your site, you can direct those requests any where… smart phones, I-pads, laptops, where ever.

The least you can do is try a live chat service on a trail basis.  Go check a few out  and compare them to teledini and let me know what you think.






A Case For Live Chat On Your Web Site.

You should use  live chat on your web site if you want to turn visitors into customers. It’s simple logic. The sooner you  engage with a prospect who visits your site, the more likely they will turn into a paying customer.

I won’t drag you through the statistics, because again, its logical.  So why don’t you have live chat on your site?  The number one reason I hear, and this makes sense, is who is going to take the chat request?  You’re busy or you’re never at your desk, or always on the phone.

My friends and client at have a solution. using their new live chat for your site you can direct the chat request to any smart phone, laptop, or desktop. It’s easy, and allows you to except the request anywhere.

Now, of you convert 15% more of your web requests into customers you are going to see a large sales increase.  So just do it. Add live chat, Click to call, Video conferencing onto your site. It’s not expensive, and will supercharge the effort you may have put into building the site, promoting the site, using SEO, and driving traffic to the site through your social media.


Live chat And Click to call


You engage with your visitors for sales, service, or any inquire,from your tablet, or smart phone.





So that’s the simple case for adding a live chat, or click to call service to your site.


How Customer Service will change with WebRTC

The Past And Future Of Customer Service


Our definitions and expectations regarding customer service have changed greatly over the years.  Back in the day, it was personal.  Joe walked in to his local bank and everyone smiled, knew him by name, asked about his kids, and helped out how they could (sounds nice).  Since the introduction of the Internet, this has of course changed.  I personally use Schwab as my bank of choice, and have literally never been to a branch.  I’ve called their help line, briefly dealt with the automated “enter your account number now” attendant (also known as an IVR, or Interactive Voice Response), and ultimately resolved any issue with a typically friendly representative over the phone.  In my opinion, their customer service is excellent, and it’s one of the reasons I’m still a client.  That said, there is still a lot of room for improvement, and I believe we find ourselves on the verge of a whole new customer service experience.

Unified Communications

While the imaginations at work are naturally diverse and broadly focused, 2013 and subsequent years should see many of them narrow in on unified communications (UC) and the customer experience.  What I mean by UC is the convergence of voice, video, and data through all of their many mediums and channels.  This convergence will have an impact all over the business world, but will be particularly felt in customer service (and sales, but that’s for another read).  In the bank example above, the automated IVR sloppily tries to take an incoming voice call, glean some relevant data about the caller, and then connect the customer to the appropriate representative.  There lies the often-frustrating rub that we have all experienced.  After typing in your account number and waiting, you finally reach a representative who, through no fault of their own, must ask you again for your account number.  This is because large companies move slowly and still rely on expensive, legacy backend systems that aren’t adequately integrated with each other, and thus do not effectively pass along that data with your call.  Fortunately, with recent additions to the global technology toolbox, these issues are starting to be addressed aggressively.  WebRTC is a new technology standard that builds voice, video, and data directly into the browser, without any additional plug-ins or installations required.  I won’t discuss it in great detail (see Blog on WebRTC) but it effectively makes unified communications a reality and priority for opportunists with an eye towards the future.  Now any web developer can create UC apps that would have cost millions five years ago, and we should soon see disruptive changes in the ways consumers and businesses interact online.

The New Customer Experience

Imagine you have a question about your bank’s website.  You can’t find that tax form you need and the 15th is around the corner.  Without any additional installations or third party apps, you could be video chatting “Amy” with the click of a button.  With your permission, she could take over your screen to help solve your problem, or she could send you the form you need directly through the browser (again, all thanks to WebRTC and its peer-to-peer component).  Of course, you won’t always want to video chat your bank’s customer service rep, but all of that functionality will be available and the channels you use will be up to you.  Because WebRTC is mobile compatible, with a simple transfer button you could leave your computer and finish up your call on the go.  From the business’ point of view and with inevitable CRM integration, they will be able to see who you are, where you are, your account number, etc., and could answer the call with a comment on your local weather.  Seeing the face of your customer service rep seems a bit creepy to think about, but as with all things (Facebook, Google’s Streetview) the public will slowly but surely get used to this personalization of the online customer experience.

Let us know your thoughts.  Who do you think will profit from the disruptive changes discussed above?  Will the legacy backend providers (Oracle, Avaya, etc.) be able to keep up, or will the smaller, more nimble companies be the ones who take advantage?

Author: Max McChesney


What Businesses are doing well in Denver 2012

Being a part of an SEO and Sales Acceleration firm, we have, what I consider, unique insight into the small business community in Denver and All across the Front Range of Colorado.

So, if a young entrepreneur where to ask me, what type company should I start now, in this economic environment, I would stick with the same answer that we would have given 10 years ago.  Build a business on what you love to do, and do very well.

After you have that in your pocket you can start to work on how to make it profitable in whatever economic environment you find your business sailing through.

Many of the clients we work with have been in business for 10 years, some 60 plus. Those businesses have earned through hard work and excellent performance, a customer base and reputation that sustains (at a minimum) their revenues through even the toughest economic times.

As a new business the truth is, in 99% of the cases, you are going to have to earn that customer loyalty. You do that by operating on lower margins because you are going to have buy customers at a much higher expense than the business that has 1000’s of happy customers.

Business that we have worked with or do work with that have done well, and continued to grow in the last 4 years all have adjusted and found new ways to entice new business, through expansion of products, pricing, or different and better ROI advertising.

Starting a new business.  Focus on providing great value, not lots of revenues. Ask yourself what your business can do that is unique and goes way beyond what any other competitor provides.










Basement Finishing in 5 weeks? Great Marketing!

When it comes to marketing a company you have to start with your message. A great message is going to get your prospects attention and therefore needs to be a key point in why they are looking for your service.

Over the last few years we have been watching  do an amazing job of capturing the attention of prospective basement finishing clients through their very unique 5 week finishing process. Home owners thinking about building out a basement in Denver always want to know how long it will take, and for a typical basement (say 1000 square feet, with a living area, bathroom, Bedroom and one other room)  contractors will quote any where from 8 weeks (fast)  to 14 weeks(Slow, need we say).


So when ElkStone developed system to build out a complete basement in 5 weeks, they became a very popular basement finishing choice. Add some great references and you have the start of a dominating campaign.

They promote iit on their site, and then use a very aggressive Pay per Click campaign on Google. It’s hard to search for Basement Finishing in the Denver metro area with out seeing ElkStone in the top results. They also combine a string Internet Visibility package to round out the marketing strategy.

I can not tell you how many basements they build, but as a subscriber to the construction Monitor, which shows all of the Denver area construction permits, they are one of the top if not top basement finishing companies. . So how can you duplicate this success for your business?

Ask your self what are the top three questions and concerns a prospect has about your type service.  Take one of those that you can absolutely dazzle them in, and own that topic.  It can have to do with speed of completion (we live in a I want it now society)  It can have to do with communication, or payments and pricing.

What ever marketing message you develop, it will need to be built into your product delivery.  Taking what you do now, and making it sound better, is not much of a tactic.

New Clients and excellent Denver Businesses.

I always thought it would be a great idea for someone to produce a web site where sub contractors, and companies that work for other businesses could rate those businesses. After all, if you think about it, how a business treats their vendors is a big indicator of the quality of service you will receive from that company.

It’s the same premise as the old, there are two types of people in the world and you can easily identify them by the way they treat a waitress.  I was very disappointed when I read about a certain mega Internet/Computer business man who in his biography seemed to treat waitresses  very poorly.  I mean… come on! I was a waiter when I was 20. You learn pretty fast about these two types.

The way a business treats it’s vendors is the same thing to me. If I really want to check out a company before we do business, I will ask to speak to their vendors. You should try it!  It can save you a great many challenges.

So, In that spirit I just wanted to give thumbs up to the following clients for making our A+, really great to work with list.  These businesses and the people behind them are a true joy to work with!  I have included our more recent clients, so if you are not on the list, it has nothing to do with how we feel about you. We love all of our clients!

First and most recent is the Bankruptcy Law Firm of LaCroix and Hand, P.C. in Grand Junction. Absolutely the greatest people to work with. I am confident that is I had a legal issue and needed a law firm , these folks would be a pleasure to work with.

And if you need a Denver Painter, Kevin  at American Painting Specialists has been fantastic to work with. I am sure that professionalism is the same if not better at the customer level.

And, finally for now, working with Ameraclean carpet cleaning has been great. As a Denver carpet cleaning company they specialize in pet stain removal.  As a ling time pet owner, I know the number one thing I want from getting the rugs and carpets clean is stain removal. Very professional  and very good at what they do.

A big Thanks to all of these businesses for being so great to work with!


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