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Unique System For Basement Finishing

There is this very interesting niche for basement finishing and remodeling projects that Owner Assist Remodeling is filling it in the Denver are.


In between the do it yourself home owner who wants to do all of the work in a remodel or basement finish and the the Home Owner who wants a contractor to do everything is the person who would like to “help out” in the areas they feel comfortable doing.  Things as simple as being available for inspections with the building department to doing some of the finishing items, like painting can save a home owner significant money.

Owners Assist has developed a unique system that allows the home owner to have a licensed general contractor complete the basement or remodel, while also allowing them to do some of the work, and save the money they would be charged, as well as the mark ups, by a traditional basement finishing company.  It’s the best of both worlds.

Bill Wegner,  the owner of Owner Assist Remodeling says by using this system for your basement finishing, home remodeling, or kitchen remodel,  you can save 5% to 20% depending on the project, and how much you want to do.

You can read more about it on his site at

You can contact them at:

Owner Assist Remodeling LLC
8897 Ute Drive
Golden, CO 80403
(303) 552-1603

Service areas for Owner Assist Remodeling:

Aravda, Westminster, Golden, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge.



Finishing Basements in Older Denver Homes

When you are thinking of finishing a basement in an older home you may want to skip many of the bigger basement finishing firms. They have a tendency to work primarily in the new home communities where about 80% of basement finishing happens in Denver.

So instead of wasting time on the standard Internet searches, there is a company who works on many basements in Denver, and primarily on the older homes.

Go look at the Denver basement finishing on the Blue SkyeBasements and remodeling

Below you will also find a transcript of an interview with the owner about finishing basements in older homes you may find interesting:


n an older home there is just more to do when you finish your basement, such as foundation problems, low ceilings, wiring issues that need to be brought up to code, egress windows need to be installed, lead paint and other inspections.
Surprises in the pricing differences between an older home and a newer home. The cost of finishing a basement in an older home will run up to 30% higher than one in a home built in the last 20-30 years.
Does it financially make sense to finish a basement in an older home, or should you consider a home addition to meet your remodeling goals. The cost of finishing a basement runs $50. a square foot, where the cost of a home addition or pop top can be $200.00 a square foot.
Insulation in older basement spaces needs special consideration. These basements where not built to use as living space, so spray in insulation is a better choice.
Common structural issues are discussed, and the fact that most sound more serious than they are.
It’s typical to need to replace most of the plumbing you see in an older basement. Cracked sewer pipes are not unusually, and may need to be replaced .
Electric may need to be upgraded if you are adding a certain amount of load. This is true in older homes as well as new. There are some new building codes that may increase the cost.
Lead and asbestos tests must be completed in all older homes. If the basement hasn’t been finished there is less chance of finding issues. If there has been any painting prior to the 1980’s there is a good chance you will find lead paint.
David’s father was a home builder and David has been in construction from custom home building to his current company. L & D Construction, where he specializes in residential construction, basement finishing in older Denver homes, as well as major remodeling.

How Important Is Your Web site? Should You Use Web Conversion Tools?

The answer of course is… it depends.  If your service or product is commonly found on the Internet, or more correctly, searched for on the Internet, then your web site may be very important.

I am always surprised at the amount of time and energy some businesses will devote to their web site, and yet forget that all of that energy doesn’t mean much unless the site will turn a visitor into a prospect or customer.

I have seen ten’s of thousands of dollars spent on building a site, adding social media sites, paying an Internet marketing company to promote a site, using pay per click to drive traffic, all the while forgetting to use simple and very inexpensive tactics like click to call software  like( ) or Live chat services, which are abundant.

The research and white papers on Web Site conversion I have seen all show an increase in visitors to prospects or customers when you utilize these type tools. Yet, you just don’t see then implemented enough.

When I ask a business why they haven’t used web site conversion software ( Live chat, Click to call, Click to call back)  the answer is generally they didn’t have any idea how to put it on there site, and in the case of Live chat, who would be the employee(s) responsible for communicating with a web visitor.

Most of those challenges are small,  and the services offer additional solutions to assist. Frankly, the person who does sales for you (or your sales department) would LOVE to have their browser light up with a prospect asking questions.

The better and more sophisticated web conversion software services have call routing capabilities so a Click to call prospect can be sent to who ever, and where ever in the business. You can have your office phone ring, a cell phone, or sent to any number you like.

Look at  the features a click to call program offers

The cost is going to be insignificant as well. You may pay .10 to .50  for a click to call prospect connecting with you. Live chat services can be found for $29.00 a month for a small business.  Just Google Live Chat services or click here to see that search

I know how difficult keeping up with the Internet is for a small business,  but it’s important.  Do your self a favor and check out all the very inexpensive and easily implemented ways there are to maximize your investment in your web presence.

We are recommending these to all of our clients, and will be happy to report on the results.  Check back for updates!

What Businesses are doing well in Denver 2012

Being a part of an SEO and Sales Acceleration firm, we have, what I consider, unique insight into the small business community in Denver and All across the Front Range of Colorado.

So, if a young entrepreneur where to ask me, what type company should I start now, in this economic environment, I would stick with the same answer that we would have given 10 years ago.  Build a business on what you love to do, and do very well.

After you have that in your pocket you can start to work on how to make it profitable in whatever economic environment you find your business sailing through.

Many of the clients we work with have been in business for 10 years, some 60 plus. Those businesses have earned through hard work and excellent performance, a customer base and reputation that sustains (at a minimum) their revenues through even the toughest economic times.

As a new business the truth is, in 99% of the cases, you are going to have to earn that customer loyalty. You do that by operating on lower margins because you are going to have buy customers at a much higher expense than the business that has 1000’s of happy customers.

Business that we have worked with or do work with that have done well, and continued to grow in the last 4 years all have adjusted and found new ways to entice new business, through expansion of products, pricing, or different and better ROI advertising.

Starting a new business.  Focus on providing great value, not lots of revenues. Ask yourself what your business can do that is unique and goes way beyond what any other competitor provides.










Basement Finishing in 5 weeks? Great Marketing!

When it comes to marketing a company you have to start with your message. A great message is going to get your prospects attention and therefore needs to be a key point in why they are looking for your service.

Over the last few years we have been watching  do an amazing job of capturing the attention of prospective basement finishing clients through their very unique 5 week finishing process. Home owners thinking about building out a basement in Denver always want to know how long it will take, and for a typical basement (say 1000 square feet, with a living area, bathroom, Bedroom and one other room)  contractors will quote any where from 8 weeks (fast)  to 14 weeks(Slow, need we say).


So when ElkStone developed system to build out a complete basement in 5 weeks, they became a very popular basement finishing choice. Add some great references and you have the start of a dominating campaign.

They promote iit on their site, and then use a very aggressive Pay per Click campaign on Google. It’s hard to search for Basement Finishing in the Denver metro area with out seeing ElkStone in the top results. They also combine a string Internet Visibility package to round out the marketing strategy.

I can not tell you how many basements they build, but as a subscriber to the construction Monitor, which shows all of the Denver area construction permits, they are one of the top if not top basement finishing companies. . So how can you duplicate this success for your business?

Ask your self what are the top three questions and concerns a prospect has about your type service.  Take one of those that you can absolutely dazzle them in, and own that topic.  It can have to do with speed of completion (we live in a I want it now society)  It can have to do with communication, or payments and pricing.

What ever marketing message you develop, it will need to be built into your product delivery.  Taking what you do now, and making it sound better, is not much of a tactic.

Selling to Businesses Has Changed

There may not be a more important skill for a businesses than sales. Yet for many businesses that sell B 2 B  the sales process seems to have changed from a direct sales approac

h to an Inbound sales approach.

Inbound lead generation is all the rage these days. If you are not familiar with it, the concept is instead of using intrusive sales tactics ( TV, Cold Calls. Radio)  you get your prospects to call you through Social Media, SEO, and a bunch of other Internet type systems. Problem is, Inbound marketing is only going to work for a small handful of businesses per industry, leaving the other 90% plus in the cold. The other problem is, lot’s of businesses won’t sell much through inbound marketing even at it’s best.

For the 90% of the companies that won’t be competing in the inbound marketing space because of budget, or the type of prospect they sell to, then the traditional sales models still work,  kind of.  There is an excellent article on how SEO services can sell more that really sum’s up the new direct sales model.

Buyers have changed in the last 10 years, because of the Internet. They are far better educated on what they want and need, and therefore the traditional sales process of educate, educate  and close, is really fading. The new model is all about trust and relationships.

So the Internet has not only changed how you attract new prospects, but also hoe you sell to new prospects.  Even companies that can’t or don’t invest in “inbound marketing” tactics still need to be very aware and on top of their on-line reputation. Even if a prospect doesn’t find you on line ( and many will not)  they are more than likely to research you on line.

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New Clients and excellent Denver Businesses.

I always thought it would be a great idea for someone to produce a web site where sub contractors, and companies that work for other businesses could rate those businesses. After all, if you think about it, how a business treats their vendors is a big indicator of the quality of service you will receive from that company.

It’s the same premise as the old, there are two types of people in the world and you can easily identify them by the way they treat a waitress.  I was very disappointed when I read about a certain mega Internet/Computer business man who in his biography seemed to treat waitresses  very poorly.  I mean… come on! I was a waiter when I was 20. You learn pretty fast about these two types.

The way a business treats it’s vendors is the same thing to me. If I really want to check out a company before we do business, I will ask to speak to their vendors. You should try it!  It can save you a great many challenges.

So, In that spirit I just wanted to give thumbs up to the following clients for making our A+, really great to work with list.  These businesses and the people behind them are a true joy to work with!  I have included our more recent clients, so if you are not on the list, it has nothing to do with how we feel about you. We love all of our clients!

First and most recent is the Bankruptcy Law Firm of LaCroix and Hand, P.C. in Grand Junction. Absolutely the greatest people to work with. I am confident that is I had a legal issue and needed a law firm , these folks would be a pleasure to work with.

And if you need a Denver Painter, Kevin  at American Painting Specialists has been fantastic to work with. I am sure that professionalism is the same if not better at the customer level.

And, finally for now, working with Ameraclean carpet cleaning has been great. As a Denver carpet cleaning company they specialize in pet stain removal.  As a ling time pet owner, I know the number one thing I want from getting the rugs and carpets clean is stain removal. Very professional  and very good at what they do.

A big Thanks to all of these businesses for being so great to work with!


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Denver Economic fears overblown?

Wells Fargo strategist says economic fears ‘overblown in this weeks Denver Business Journal.

It’s an interesting view, and he bases it on the fact that what is really slowing down the recovery is a lack of work place growth.

Wells Fargo actually see’s things turning around faster than in previous recessions.  See the article here:

I am not sure many of the small business owners in Denver would agree, but it is nice to see some positive spin on this.  I do think the next 16 months it will be very important for all of us to keep the most positive out look possible because we are moving into an election, and that means we will be hearing about how terrible the economy is 24-7.

I am a big believer in the consumer “mass mind-set”.  Consumer spending is not going to pick up when all we hear about is the crisis  and that we are facing doom.

Let’s all try to point out the good in the economy, while acknowledging the challenges. It’s the right thing for business in Denver and across the country.

See us in Mayapolis

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Basement Finishing Cost

Interesting information from A local basement finishing firm on the costs.


You have probably heard a few rules of thumb describing basement-finishing costs as a function of square footage “your basement should cost between X and X dollars per square foot” …but how would they know?

A professional estimator will be able to give you a range based on the initial interview by asking more detailed questions on how you want to finish your new space.

For starters, there are basically 2 elements to the construction: rough and finish. There may be a few items that change the cost before construction can even begin.


Learn about what is offered in our rough in services.

There are also 3 levels of finishing based on your budget and needs.

Rough In Cost Considerations
  • Plumbing Rough-in location. Will it be moved? Does it exist?
  • Mechanical System
  • Electrical Service. Is it adequate for your design or will it need to be expanded?
  • Floor Type. Wood sub floor or cement?
  • Egress Window(s). Will you need to expand windows?
  • Framing is 16″ on Center
  • Exterior Work.



Level 1 Basement Finish- Basic Professional Finish

  • Typical Drywall Finish, Including Ceiling
  • Paint Grade Base Trim and Casing
  • Economy Carpet and Vinyl Flooring
  • Simple Lighting and Plumbing Package
  • Stock Base Cabinets in Bath
  • Stock Laminate or Solid Countertops
  • Standard Shower / Tub Kits
  • Free Design Service


Level 2 Basement Finish (higher cost)

  • Typical Drywall Finish, Tray Ceilings, Feature Like Arc Niches, Arches
  • Paint Grade Base Trim and Casing, Basic Wood Molding (Stain Grade)
  • Addition of Crown or Chair Rails
  • Solid Core Doors, Paint and Stain Grade, French Doors
  • Upgrade Carpet and Vinyl Flooring, and Ceramic or Some Stone Tile
  • Upgraded Lighting and Plumbing Package
  • Stock or Semi-custom Base Cabinets in Bath
  • Stock Countertops, and Some Tile and Solid Surface Materials
  • Simple Wet Bar or Fireplace Features
  • Tiled Shower/Tub Surroundings, Acrylic Base or Custom Pan
  • Interior Design Consultation


Level 3 Basement Finish (More Cost)

  • Hand Troweled Drywall Finish, Tray Ceilings, Special Features
  • Stain Grade Base Trim & Casting, Stacked Crown & Multiple Moldings, Elaborate Details
  • Solid Core Stain Grade Doors, Hardwoods, French and Arched Doors
  • High End Carpet, and Flooring Materials (ex. Wood, Engineered Wood)
  • Radiant Flooring
  • Specialty Lighting and Plumbing Package
  • Semi Custom Base Cabinets in Bath/Bar
  • Solid Surface or Exotic Materials (Stainless Steel, Concrete, ect.)
  • Built-in or Custom Cabinetry/Woodwork
  • Fireplace Built-in/Mantles/Surrounds
  • Steam Enclosures
  • Interior Design Consultation


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