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National Western Stock Show Moving to Aurora?

Western straw cowboy hat
Forgive the straw. I know it's in January and felt is the preferred hat.

I was born and raised in Denver.  The “stock Show” was a huge local event in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  You could drive through downtown Denver and half the business people had their cowboy hats on. The Brown Palace lobby was full of well dressed ranchers, and the parking lot was full of trucks.

Today I read they are thinking of moving the stock show to Aurora Colorado.  That’s like moving Mardi gras from Bourbon street to Tyler Texas.  It just doesn’t make sense.

I understand they need a modern facility, and there are  significant dollars at stake, but as a native of Denver (now in Lafayette Colorado) it just seems that there must be a way.

I propose they settle it the only way it should be settled, a bull riding contest between the mayors of both cities.  The spectacle alone would bring in mega bucks.

Mike Bayes is a Denver Native and Managing Partner of My One Call LLC. You can see more blogs about Denver sales and marketing at www.salesjumpstart.net/blog

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