Is Live Chat a Good Tool For Your Site?

We work with lots of different type businesses on Web Managed Services. Live chat as a tool to bring in more customers is one of the most common areas we look at. It’s not just that has a great live chat tool, and they are a client, it’s really that Live chat and other engagement tools are one of the better values a business is going to find in the customer conversion space.

Why?  Because it serves so many purposes!  It can be used as a sales tool, a customer service function, a intra-company communication tool. as well as it gives the customer or prospect a perception that you are a professional business, and care about communication with them.

I’d think the number one reason a business doesn’t utilize lice chat (or other engagement services) is… who’s going to be the person(s) behind the chat, answering questions, and available.  Answer…  who do you send sales information requests to?  That’s the answer.  With today’s

highly adaptable and affordable live chat tools for your site, you can direct those requests any where… smart phones, I-pads, laptops, where ever.

The least you can do is try a live chat service on a trail basis.  Go check a few out  and compare them to teledini and let me know what you think.






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