A Case For Live Chat On Your Web Site.

You should use  live chat on your web site if you want to turn visitors into customers. It’s simple logic. The sooner you  engage with a prospect who visits your site, the more likely they will turn into a paying customer.

I won’t drag you through the statistics, because again, its logical.  So why don’t you have live chat on your site?  The number one reason I hear, and this makes sense, is who is going to take the chat request?  You’re busy or you’re never at your desk, or always on the phone.

My friends and client at http://www.teledini.com have a solution. using their new live chat for your site you can direct the chat request to any smart phone, laptop, or desktop. It’s easy, and allows you to except the request anywhere.

Now, of you convert 15% more of your web requests into customers you are going to see a large sales increase.  So just do it. Add live chat, Click to call, Video conferencing onto your site. It’s not expensive, and will supercharge the effort you may have put into building the site, promoting the site, using SEO, and driving traffic to the site through your social media.


Live chat And Click to call


You engage with your visitors for sales, service, or any inquire,from your tablet, or smart phone.





So that’s the simple case for adding a live chat, or click to call service to your site.


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